venerdì 1 settembre 2017

Stephan Micus - Live (2016)

Stephan Micus: resonating stones, tin whistle, voice, bavarian zither, duduk, kalimba, nohkan, japanese zither, shakuhachi, sho, hammered dulcimer

01 The music of stones part 3
02 I praise you, Unfading Rose
03 Before sunrise
04 Morning breeze
05 Winter dance
06 I praise you, cloud of light
07 Mikhail's Dream
08 Improvisation
09 Marage song

reg. 9 ottobre 2016 - Ligornetto, Museo Vela
Trasmesso il 20 agosto 2017 da RSi Rete Due


6 commenti:

  1. Many thanks Barbbovich, wonderful to hear a Micus live performance - don't think I've ever heard one before.

  2. Hello Barbbovich. Thanks. Saw Stephan Micus live in Rotterdam last april. Never came across a recording, though.
    Jan (Netherlands)

  3. Thanks Barabbovich, I have all of Micus studio work and nothing live. I don't expect him to come to Texas anytime soon so thanks for this opportunity to hear Stephan in concert!

  4. Scusate, ma solo a me Rapidgator impedisce di scaricare? una volta terminato il tempo d'attesa non compare nessun link, né alcun captcha...

  5. Hello Barabbovich (and Alan!)
    The scarcity of live recordings gave me an idea.
    I have a recording (mp3) from the Bhagwan(Osho)community in Poona by Deuter(Krautrocker and New Age artist) & Stephan from, I think 1979. One of those tracks is also on , Behind eleven deserts, . Someone interested?

    Jan (Netherlands)

    1. I think Jan's recording would sit very well on Musica Degradata - over to you Barabbovich?